We have completed many successful projects for diffrent companies in a variety of industries, including consumer goods, financial services, telecommunications, and high tech. Our consultants have experience in a wide range of technology platforms with specialization in Oracle and SAP ERP.
We pride ourselves on providing consultants that are well-rounded and dynamic. We are able to both conceive of a solution to a complex problem and effectively communicate the details of that solution in a simple, understandable way. Our consultants can then implement the solution in an efficient manner.

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Corporate Transformation

Enterprises are transforming to upgrade aging infrastructure, gain efficiencies, respond to market forces, and facilitate growth. ILotus Technologies understands that there is more to change management than installing software or tweaking business processes; we have the vision to see the bigger picture and help our clients navigate transformation by anticipating pitfalls and barriers to change.


Successful project teams rely on a variety of dynamics to achieve desired results. ILotus Technologies uses a proven approach to coordinate these dynamics for high performance teamwork. With a focus on delivery excellence, our consultants manage scope, schedule, and resources using a simple and comprehensive phased methodology.

Talent Managment

With premier talent from a variety of professional backgrounds, ILotus Technologies delivers unparalleled teamwork and expertise. With a focus on SAP ERP, our highly skilled functional and technology consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience across all phases of the project lifecycle. By implementing the latest versions on the latest platforms with a variety of global clients.

Business Process Management

Process management practitioners can defy these odds by applying the latest process and change management thinking,techniques and technologies. BPM is a systematic approach to improving a company's business processes.For example,a BPM application could monitor receiving systems for missing items, or walk an employee through steps to troubleshoot why an order did not arrive.It is the first technology that fosters ongoing collaboration between IT and business users to jointly build applications that effectively integrate people,process and information.

Organisation Consulting

Success in any industry requires the right resources at the right time at the right price. ILotus Technologies provides business generalists capable of performing a variety of roles within your organization. Whether for temporary or short-term engagements,our business enablement resources can be plugged into your teams easily and at competitive rates,enabling your operational goals. Organisation Consulting is a deliberative discipline used to manage process improvement,and includes the use of process discovery,mapping and modeling,metrics,key performance indicators,collaboration.

Infrastructure Managment

Today's complex organizations require talented and flexible resources who can interact with stakeholders at all levels. ILotus Technologies provides professional and adaptable consultants to perform business analysis,process engineering, RFP management, or just about any business task. Our consultants have the skills you need and fit well into the corporate culture often at similar price points to offshore firm's enabling your business to perform at its peak.

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